Reel Smokers is a wholesaler and retailer of premium hand made cigars and accessories.  We are located in Deerfield Beach, FL and pride ourselves in offering our customers a wide selection of premium cigars and accessories.  Our premises also include a fully stocked retail store also carrying a wide assortment of cigar smoking accessories, be sure to visit if you are in town, our store can be easily found.

Company president Carlos Sanchez is no stranger to wild adventures, in fact, there only two thing he enjoys more than a fine cigars, that is fishing and hunting. He would put any contestant on Survivor to shame. He enjoys his cigars, his fishing expeditions, and big game hunting.

Carlos left Cuba at age five and ended up in Islamorada, Florida. This is where his passion for fishing began. Before opening up Reel Smokers, Carlos was a tournament fisherman winning over a dozen tournaments and having caught hundreds of Blue Marlins.

Carlos is a prominent member of The Wild Sheep Foundation, a society dedicated to preserving wild sheep for gaming.

Carlos can be found hanging around in the shop, smoking his cigar and telling tales of his exploits and adventures to the customers. Ask Carlos and he’ll be sure to find you the right thing, whether it’s fishing tips or the perfect bottle of wine to go along with your cigars.